10 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

samsung-galaxy-s-duos-2-slitSamsung has got a huge lineup and no matter what your requirements are, they have got a device for you. The Galaxy S Duos was launched long back and it was outdated very soon after it made its appearance. It ran a single core processor and there was nothing special about it except the dual SIM feature at a good price. The number of units it sold was solely on the basis of its dual SIM feature and its price. Apart from this device, there was no Samsung device in this price bracket which could stand strong against the rivals.

Now however, they have come up with another device, another iteration of the Galaxy S Duos, which seems to be a promising device at a good price. The Galaxy S Duos 2 improves considerably over the S Duos and addresses various issues with the device. The S Duos was laggy and slow due to a single core which has been taken care of by the dual core processor. There are other improvements as well in terms of connectivity and software. Here we give you some reasons why you should consider buying this device.

1. Dual core processor- This new device addresses the issue with the previous one. Most users of Galaxy S Duos complain about the device being slow and laggy. The primary reason was that by the time S Duos was launched, there were already a good number of dual core devices available at a good price. The Galaxy S Duos 2 is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core processor which makes it much faster. The applications launch quickly, phone runs smooth and the overall experience of this new device is much better.

2. Low cost- The S Duos 2 is priced less than 11 K in India which makes it a really good buy. For the price, you aren’t buying a compromise just for the sake of dual SIM. You will get a good dual core device which would perform well in your everyday use. You can easily run your social networking apps and web browsers. Not only that but you can play a good number of games too. And everything for a price that won’t get you a dual core android device from any other big brand.

3. Samsung it is- Well this might not appear as a strong point to some but for most people it is. Samsung has established itself very well in the market and thesamsung-galaxy-s-duos-2 products are reliable. You also get support via the Samsung service network spread throughout the country. It is something that many people ignore at first but realize when they need repairs. You can easily find a Samsung service center in your city just in case your device decides to go rogue on you.

4. Newer version of Android – The Galaxy S Duos runs android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich while the S Duos 2 runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2. You know the rule here, newer is better. While the interface is mostly similar, Jelly Bean is faster than ICS and has got a good number of features over the ICS.

5. Software updates- As the Galaxy S Duos 2 is a newer device, you will get software updates for longer. It was on the internet that Samsung will update most of its new android devices to Android 4.4 Kit Kat soon. Who knows that even this device might be on their list? Even if they don’t provide you with a version update, you will be updated with minor fixes and updates.

6. Faster 3G- While the Galaxy S Duos and most other low end devices support 3G data transfer rates up to 7.2 mbps; the Galaxy S Duos 2 supports transfer rates up to 21 mbps. We are very sure that you won’t like to stick to a device that can’t use your data plan to its full. With the improved speed you can expect good browsing speeds, reduced server response times and enhanced downloading capabilities.

7. Bluetooth 4.0– The Galaxy S Duos 2 has got Bluetooth 4.0 against the Bluetooth 3.0 on S Duos and many other devices. It allows for faster data transfer rates and improved connections. Also many new Bluetooth devices need Bluetooth 4.0 to make use of their full capabilities.

8. Storage – While both, Galaxy S Duos and Galaxy S Duos 2, have got the same amount of internal storage, the S Duos 2 can support memory cards up to 64 GBs, twice as much as the previous version. While you might not want to put that much storage on a low end device, it is good enough to handle it just in case you decide to. You can flood your device with loads of music and high definition videos and it won’t complain.samsung-galaxy-s-duos-2-rear

9. Improved camera- The camera on this device can capture still images in 5 megapixels which is the same as the previous version. But this one can record videos in 720p which wasn’t possible with the Galaxy S Duos. You get better video recording quality, thanks to the 720p recording and the videos play effortlessly on the device. The camera interface is also improved on this device. There are a couple of additions and improvements, most of which are due to the newer version of software on this device.

10. Touch Wiz- Personal opinions might vary but Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI is one of the best we have seen on android devices. It is simple yet packs in a lot of features. There are a good number of customization features that you won’t find on the stock android launcher. Also there are a couple of gestures that make life easier with Samsung devices. Even while it has got so many customization options, it is easy to use and neat unlike the Sense UI on HTC or the Sony UI.

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    Kitkat update??

    • I don’t think there’s any official update but you can use any custom ROM.