9 Internet Precautionary Measures for the Young Ones

Sure, using internet on our daily lives is fun but one must be responsible on how to handle online interaction. It is not all about fun and gathering information because there is a potential danger when you do not know how to manage your life online. Most especially the kids today, they need to be protected from people online who has the intention of harming them. Internet can take over and control the kids without proper guidance.


So, parents you must takesafetyprecautiononyourkidsonlinepresence:

SPEND MORE TIME WITH THE KIDS. This one is basic. Parents should always be present in any way they can. Spending quality time with the kids would mean less time for using the web. You can do fun and outdoor activities like visiting museums or just taking them to a park then have dinner.

TALK WITH THEM. Yes, this is important too. Ask them about their activities, both in school and online. Know what they want and things that annoy them. In this way, you can gauge how you are going to interact with them. Parents should also ask about the kids’ problems in school or something that bothers them, so that they can create a plan to help them.

WARN THEM NOT TO SHARE INFORMATION. What are these information? Basically, their names, school, age, phone number or even home address. Tell them that they must not send a picture to someone whom they just met. It’s also the same on posting anything online. Tell the kids that they should not post any personal information like the address and mobile number.

CONTROL PRIVACY SETTING. Yes, you also must tell the kids that as much as possible, keep their social media account on private setting. Or they could just choose the people they want to share information with like their real friends.

REMIND THEM TO PROTECT THEIR PASSWORD. Tell them that they MUST NOT divulge to anyone their social media account passwords.

GIVE ADVICE ON SELECTING FRIENDS. Online presence can gain a lot of friend requests, but the kids should filter who they are going to accept. Tell the kids not be befriended with people they don’t know personally.

LIMIT THEM ON USING THE WEB. Limit the kids on using the internet. Allot a designated time when they can surf the web, do research and interact with friends. You can successfully do this by placing the computer in a central place inside the house and post a schedule to remind them.

TELL THEM TO USE AN APPROPRIATE PHOTO. Only post a decent photo so that online people will automatically give respect and kids can avoid bullying or something like that.

TELL THEM TO THINK BEFORE THEY CLICK. A lot of people are being judged based on what they post online. So, tell the kids that they must think twice or even thrice before sharing information, commenting on articles, debating with online users or even reading blogs.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. So, take this precautionary measures seriously for your kids’ safety.

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