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The One Website for your daily dose of all the things that get your heart racing, Gizmantra is all you need to get in touch with your inner geek. We are a team of crazy , maverick, bohemian goodfellas who breathe and bleed tech , music and movies.
We are nocturnal beings and love to keep you interesterd in the amazing world of entertainment. We love to work round the clock to keep you posted on the latest fads take a great deal of pleasure in surprising you with the pathbreaking advancements in technology , genre defying music , blockbuster movies and of course , viciously addictive games. Those who are new to this world will find a great deal of “How-tos” and basic tutorials to help them leap from amateurs to ubergeeks and movie enthusiasts. A well read article is a day well spent for us! From Android to Adele , Bioshock to Brad Pitt , we deal in everything !

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We started GizMantra(previously known as mediance.tk and mediance.in) in may 2012 and moved gizmantra.com in 2013.