Actian Integrates Hadoop With SQL


Actian aims to make Big Data analytics more accessible by allowing SQL users to conduct advanced queries directly on data in Hadoop.

A new version of the Hadoop-based Actian Analytics Platform will be released at end of the month will include Actian’s X100 SQL engine, providing a complete and best of all high-performance SQL implementation. This will make the Hadoop Big Data framework more accessible by offering high-performance ELT (extract, load and transform) and SQL analytics on Hadoop with no need for MapReduce skills.

Actian CEO Steve Shine told that other big data companies offer SQL access to Hadoop using two techniques: through external add-ons or by building a new relational database management system within Hadoop, but building a new RDMS is time consuming and expensive.

“Actian has removed all major barriers to Big Data analytics on Hadoop, basically making Hadoop industrial strength,”Actian CEO Steve Shine said.

According to the their benchmarking scheme, Actian SQL in Hadoop is up to thirty times faster than Impala, their closest competitor.


Until now, business analysts and BI tools have been limited out because only a subset of SQL was supported in Hadoop. Not all SQL queries would run in Hadoop while others had to be completely rewritten due to incomplete and inappropriate SQL support. Actian’s new platform removes these limits by providing the broad SQL support that users demand from an enterprise-grade analytics database. The maturity of Actian’s SQL environment also delivers industrial-strength database security, encompassing users, roles, and authentication with ACID-compliant reliability. This Analytics Platform gives industry data scientists and analysts powerful productivity and accuracy breakthroughs while making high-science analytics consumable, accessible, and re-usable.

Actian’s platform, combined with the company’s visual data flow framework, allows SQL users to conduct advanced analytics directly on data in the Hadoop Distributed File System.The Actian Analytics Platform will be generally available on June 30.