Actors Who Do the Same Thing in Every Movie !

After watching enough movies, it truly is becomes progressively clear in which some famous actors in addition to stars do exactly the same thing, as well as play identical personality, with almost every video. Actually directors include images these people are recognized for, like Michael Bay and his sexy explosions and emphasis on America. Most directors are usually conscious of most of these very little idiosyncrasies, consequently viewers go ahead planning on them. Nonetheless, a lot of famous actors in addition to stars likewise have them. A few would possibly not possibly understand them, some are simply pegged correctly (especially in regards this parts they play), in addition to many of them might undertake it purposely. Some of them may be apparent, however, many might be some true eyes openers.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio Lifting His Glass

great_gatsby_dicaprioIt was kind of the big eye opener “Aha!” inches moment to actor trademarks. While watching the trailer for the upcoming Wolf of Wall Street, there is one moment where DiCaprio is rearing his glass of wine over a yacht. Having just watched both Great Gatsby and Django Unchained. Then considering back, it was additionally in Titanic and also the Man in this Iron Mask. In reality, the only DiCaprio videos we couldn’t recall seeing it in was The Beach and Inception, but Perhaps living the simple life over a hidden beach went by Thai weed farmers or hopping by means of dreams doesn’t afford long to be most classy.

It is unlikely that DiCaprio means to do this in every motion picture, but the elegant gentleman roles he plays afford the opportunity to accomplish this. Perhaps it is simply happenstance or maybe he can’t imagine any more classy action to perform as a gentleman.

2. Tom Hanks make you Watch Him Pee

Tom Hanks, who has picked up multiple Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Academy Awards and a large number of other accolades, is considered one of the biggest actors. How did he get it done? With pee. hankspeeingWhere Leonardo DiCaprio’s hallmark is glass raising, Tom Hanks makes his mark around the world with urine. The obsession started in 1986 in The Money Pit, just when Tom Hanks was beginning to get some bigger motion pictures roles. The plumbing is on the fritz inside your home so naturally Tom Hanks goes toward take a leak from the front porch where he or she notices the statue is having “prostate problems”, much like he would later have in the Green Mile (though actually that had been a urinary tract infection). Tom Hank’s pee obsession remains in Big, A League of Their unique (where he really seems to find yourself in it), Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway, The ‘Burbs, Road to Perdition and Apollo 13.

With every one of these pee breaks, it is likely there are several more movies he has been doing it in. Tom Hanks has pissed during the past, peed on World War II, peed for comedy, peed in the underwater, and whizzed all above the vastness of space. A few are quick little times; some are painstakingly long and also a little awkward. It is clearly our desire for the expulsion of waste containing netted this guy a great number of awards.

3. Johnny Depp’s Obsession With Hats

johnny deppWhen would be the last time you saw the most notable of Johnny Depp’s scalp? Possibly never unless you seriously stalk some Depp crafted celebrity gossip. Regardless, in his movies it has been many years. He better watch that or people are going to suspect that he has a big old bald spot on Johnny Depp hats which noggin somewhere. However, it wouldn’t really matter considering the vast majority of his roles demand he wear some sort of silly or creepy wig lately. However, Depp’s penchant for hats isn’t just a movie thing possibly. He seriously has a passion for them in real life too. It makes one wonder if on the list of questions he asks in regards to prospective movie is, “Does it have a hat in it for me?” bet that’s how he became such people with Tim Burton.

Irrespective, Depp’s hat fixation has been present on and off in his career but is becoming a more common matter. It started with Platoon, then popped up all over again in Fear and Loathing in Vegas and Dead Man. It then made a big keep coming back in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. More just lately, Depp has worn less difficult in Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and this Chocolate Factory, The Rum Diary and also the Lone Ranger. Perhaps Depp has some sort of insecurity that causes in him to only sense safe while wearing the hat. Regardless, he clearly leans towards more hat-centric personas and roles.

4.Tom Cruise will Make You Watch Him Sprint

cruisevanillaskyUnlike most actors, Tom Cruise is a fantastic sprinter, presumably because that’s of having he knows how to advance from place to place.
And nobody has known a well known fact any harder than Tom Cruise knows that he looks good sprinting. He has spent bizarrely extensive portions of his occupation running away. And as soon as Cruise starts sprinting, it’s difficult for even great directors to acquire him to stop. If you saw Mission: Impossible : Ghost Protocol, you might remember the footrace in a Dubai dust storm that will took about 15 seconds long to turn into an auto chase. The very first picture of Vanilla Sky was nicknamed the “million dollar shot” because doing so required director Cameron Crowe to turn off New York’s Times Square during daylight hours. Instead of using the opportunity to do donuts on the world’s busiest intersection, he gets out and … well, you can probably guess what happens next.

5. Sean Bean Dies…almost in every movie

sean beanThere are two things that an audience can go into watching a Sean Bean film–some great acting and he is probably going to die. At this point, it might be faster to list of the films that he has lived through. Bean has be sliced, shot, fallen over a cliff, hung, drown, killed himself, blown up, crushed, and killed in almost every way imaginable. In fact, there are now sites dedicated to his many deaths. Sean Bean sets himself up for many of these by being the character that audiences can sympathize with, making it devastating when he is killed.

Let’s try naming all the films this actor has been killed in:

Caravaggio, War Requiem, The Field, Lorna Doone, Tell Me You Love Me, Clarissa, Patriot Games, Goldeneye, Scarlett, Airborne, Essex Boys, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings, Don’t Say A Word, Equilibrium, Henry VIII, The Island, Far North, Outlaw, The Hitcher, Red Riding, Ca$h, Death Race 2, Black Death, and Age of Heroes.

Of course there is his most remembered death in Game of Thrones, but we aren’t counting television here. Regardless, he escaped in a few movies like Troy, Ronin and Silent Hill but the amount of movies he died in makes for a pretty good movie marathon.