Apple’s iOS 7 Is Inspired By Android!

One common issue that many had with iOS was that the operating system is the same old for the past so many years. Though the company did release few updates here and there, nothing was exciting enough to satisfy tech enthusiasts. Putting that to rest, Apple released its revamped iOS 7. But, here’s a catch. Business Insider reported that, “Interestingly, if one compares the new look and features to what’s available on Android, it’s easy to see that Apple was “inspired” in no small part by Google’s mobile operating system.”


Reasons why iOS 7 Is Inspired By Android

1. Apple has now turned the iOS lock screen into a large digital clock, the date, and a “slide to unlock” area at the bottom, which is pretty much like Android.
2. Similar to Android, users can now see a preview of each running application.
3. iOS also offers quick access to settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a control panel. It has been a feature in Android for quite some time now.
4. iOS also comes with a new colour scheme and interface in Music, which looks a lot similar to Google’s Music for Android.
5. It also offers a much advanced and improved handling of notifications, right from the lock screen.
6. Similar to Android’s Calendar, the new iOS Calendar has a bright white background along with a pastel colour scheme to represent allocated time slots.
7. Safari’s tabs are more like 3D panels, just like Google’s Chrome browser for Android.