Best online storage and cloud applications for Android

cloud storageWhen you start thinking about contemporary trends in the smartphone market, it is obvious that things are changing even more rapidly than they used to (and that seemed extremely fast). The newest craze is storing all sorts of data online, which has become known as cloud. To make our communication easier and more productive, prudent programmers and IT engineers started creating online hard disks, which enable all of us to keep our computers clean and fast working and makes our android-oriented mobile phones moving platforms for accessing the data we have stored online.

The cloud storing providers are becoming more competitive, however. Many companies and individuals have shown interest for keeping their documents, files and whole business data online, which has lead to numerous service-providing companies, as well. The increasing number of cloud providers will definitely make the whole concept spread and expand, leading to improvements and a wider array of options for users, especially for business users.

Use Box – think outside the box


It seems that the word box has become strongly connected with the notion of cloud. Apart from Dropbox, which has become one of the most famous cloud providers, another important provider with growing popularity is Box. Although many people still opt either for Dropbox or Google Drive, many new providers are arriving and Box is definitely among those whose name needs to be mentioned. It is popular with both individual users and business entrepreneurs, because it offers the initial space of 5 GB free storage, as well as the options of sharing data with your fellow Box companions, together with making links for sharing data from your cloud account outside Box. If you decide to upgrade the free version, you will also be able to increase the amount of storage space and get the feature which will enable you to see who has previewed or downloaded your data.

Cubby – on the move in a cube


While Box was named after the idea of a box, can be considered its close relative, since its name is derived from the word cube. The essence is the same – you keep your documents, files, photographs, videos and music online and you can leech on your account from any part of the world where you have access to the Internet. Cubby offers 5 GB of free online storage space, as well. Wherever you are, you can edit and sync your data and share them with others. Cubby has the option of creating a special Cubby folder on your desktop and you can upload any folder or file to your cloud Cubby account just by dragging the icon to the Cubby folder on your desktop. Your data still remain in its original place, but now there is also a Cubby backup version of them.

Crucial – on-the-go essential


As it has already been stated in this text, virtual hard disks, i.e. clouds are becoming very popular with businesspeople. The concept of having all the important data in one place and being able to access them from any spot on the world and from any device turns out to be extremely inviting for business people. This device has made the statement “Time is money” truer than ever before. When discussing most adequate cloud providers, Crucial is one of those who cannot be forgotten. They are focused on Australian market and provide a thorough and high-quality service via the Blaze virtual private server. Crucial also offers its own Crucial Mobile app by which you can launch, reboot or shut down your account on cloud. Also, you can share, edit and change any data that have been uploaded onto your account.



Although it has an “I” in its name, the IDrive cloud provider does not mean that it is made only for iPhones, but it is one of the most popular smartphone applications. It serves as a perfect backup app. You can easily export data from your mobiles to it, such as contacts, photos, various calendar arrangements and appointments and other documents that are important to you or your business. You can also make different files in which you can group your business partners, their contacts, important information about them etc. IDrive offers 5 GB of free cloud space and also backs up any data from your computer you wish to store on it.

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