CES 2014: ZTE shows of its Modular Phone

zte-modular-phoneModular phone concepts like Motorola’s Project Ara have always got our gadget juices flowing, and ZTE has just given us probably the most salivating prototype we’ve seen yet.

At CES here, ZTE is revealing its modular phone concept, named the Eco-Mobius. The model on display is locked behind glass, and try once we did representatives wouldn’t normally take it off from its tomb for a detailed look. However the concept does show how users could replace the camera, battery, display, and “core” modules. The core includes separate modules for the processor, RAM, storage, and graphics processor.

It’s an exceptionally attractive style. All the elements are snapped collectively inside of an obvious plastic situation that conveniently exposes how modular the telephone is. Nevertheless, that’s all of the Eco-Mobius is actually for the present time – it’s simply an impressive style. As a style concept, that is only a visual appear at what ZTE imagines a modular cell phone could appear to be later on.zte-modular-phone-close

A representative at ZTE’s booth had been clear that the business had not been developing the telephone, though engineers could be operating towards addressing the many difficulties that must definitely be overcome before a cell phone like this actually becomes possible.

Modular smartphones that consumers can upgrade one part at a time are a pretty intriguing idea. Not merely could the equipment lessen waste, it might also save customers money and present them the independence to obtain exactly the kind of handset that very best suits their needs. Regrettably, modular smartphones appear to be a ways faraway from hitting the mainstream, as ZTE continues to be in the study stage and Motorola is actually planning to start the alpha edition of its Modular Advancement Kit sometime this winter season.

It’s still fascinating to see businesses chasing the modular smartphone fantasy, though, and hopefully their initiatives begin to bear fruit sooner rather than later. Until that occurs, you could find more pictures of ZTE’s Eco-Mobius prototype at the hyperlink below.

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