China reveals own government-approved Operating System

Chine-mobile-osChina offers revealed a unique mobile system, named China Main system (COS) using the try to split the actual monopoly of giants actually have available in the market. The particular state-approved as well as government-funded operating system was developed collectively by simply China’s Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) and Shanghai Liantong Network Communications Technology.

COS is based on Linux as well as serves just as one managing system pertaining to Computers, mobile phones, tablets, as well as set-top box along with sustains HTML5 apps.

”The operating system has already risen to become a national security matter,” said Shanghai Liantong Network Communications Technology in a statement on its website.


The COS is “completely” independently developed, from the basic coding to the user interface, said an article posted on the Chinese Academy of Sciences website.

COS is not the only domestically produced operating system to make headlines recently. On Jan. 9, the Chinese technology company Coship Electronics announced that it had produced the country’s first smartphone operating system with independent intellectual property rights. The company’s chairman, Yuan Ming, said that the system, called 960 OS, took 15 years to develop.

Will probably be exciting to be noticed simply what types of impact COS could have about competing operating systems in the region, specially with the latest deal which Apple was able to ink with China Mobile. iPhone goes on discount sales with the business beginning next week pursuing negotiations on prices which started in 2008 having then-CEO Steve Jobs.