Design your own smartphone with Moto X

Moto-X-ad-designGoogle with its Motorola–are releasing a brand new smartphone sometime in the near future. And beyond the revelation domestic models of the Moto X will be assembled entirely in the United States, Motorola is now claiming the consumer will have some type of say in the smartphone’s design. As reported by a new ad touts the Moto X as the first smartphone designed by you. As ad says

“The first smartphone that you can design yourself. Because today you should have the freedom to design the things in your life to be as unique as you are.”

Pushing the “made in the USA” theme, the newspaper ad evokes images of the July 4th holiday and summer. Citing the Moto X as “something new,” the ad seems to state you’ll have some opportunity to have input in the Moto X model you purchase. Granted, what the means precisely is still pretty unclear. But the possibilities are interesting, nonetheless.

A spokesman for Motorola said that by keeping its assembly work in the U.S. instead of Asia, it didn’t need to fly its engineers out to far flung locales to check on production.

What would you want in a customizable smartphone? Let us know what kind of hardware or software you would pack into a smartphone from Motorola in comments.