Few Smartphone Predictions for New Year 2014

Last year we witnessed a large number of mobile technologies including high resolution 1080P displays, quard core processors, professional DSLR etc. So, what in store for the 2014? Here are some five predicitions for smartphone technology that might turn out to be true in 2014:

1. Curved Screen

In the end of 2013 we heard a lot on curved OLED display for many smart devices, where Samsung’s Galaxy Round and LG’s G Flex introduced how it would look and work, yet each company trails a new form factor in their home nation of Korea but in 2014 mostly will push curved screen devices in western countries too. However, its unclear what the advantage would curved display will carry than that of flat display.samsung-5-inch-curved-youm-prototype

2. Shift to 64-Bit

As we all know Apple has indroduced us to Apple A7 SoC, used in newly released Iphone 5s, iPad mini and iPad Air. It was also the first ARM chip introduced to consumer devices with 64-bit address and as the news spread, companies such as Qualcomm and Samsung rapidly blench into action, revealing their next SoC’s would be 64-bit capable and based on ARMv8-A structure. However, few of like the Snapdragn 410 are proved not to be a high-end chip, where Cortex-A53 is the succesor to that of Cortex-A7 that means It won’t be as powerful as Cortex-A15 or other ARM CPU cores, However, it is scheduled for release in second half of 2014 for smartphones

3. Display Beyond 1080p

We witnessed amazing screen displays with 1080p resolution but can you think beyond? Well many people said 720p to 1080p was a benifit. However, progessing higher to 1920×1080 seems to have lesser benifits as 1080p already look like paper. In spite of this fact, companies like Samsung and LG are looking ahead for 2560×1440 display and in 2014 we’re likely to see few handsets with this feature.

4. More Operating Systems

Although android has occupied a major chunk of the mobile OS, same will carry in 2014 but likely there would be more to add-up with the launch of few more operating systems with something different, or promising to change the way we use mobile devices. However, many of them will be Linux variants and would be targeting low-end devices which yet to be exploited. Some like Firefox OS, Sailfish OS, BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu Touch, Tizen and many others we have heard in 2013. But still Android, iOS and Windows phone will remain the big dogs for time to come however, they too will keep on bringing some innovation in their devices to give good competition to their competitors.


CES 2014: Mozilla Premiers Firefox OS Tablet Developer Program


5. Cheaper Is Better

All the companies have tried their best to offer decent hardware at a low price and the Google Nexus 5 was up with fantastic display for just $350, and the Nexus 7 also proved once again thta 7-inch tablet can be cheaper and same did the Moto G. Well, let’s not forget the Windows phone either, where Nokia’s Lumia 520 was tagged with one of the bestselling smartphones of the year. However, same in 2014 Google’s camp will continue with the cheap Nexus devices as they have much more to offer with the new Android 4.4 KitKat too.


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This guest article has been composed by Christy Root who works for Prepaymania and, who writes Guest Articles, Press Releases for Mobile Phones. She loves to update herself with different mobile technologies.

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