Firefox 35 releases with improved cross-browser video chat ‘Hello’

Mozilla launched new Firefox 35 for all major platforms. Big additions to the browser include room-based Firefox Hello conversations, H.264 (MP4 files) playback on OS X, and integration with the Android download manager.

Firefox Hello

Firefox ‘Hello’ works across WebRTC-supported browsers including Google Chrome and Opera. To use it, you just have to click the Hello button on your toolbar and select ‘Start a conversation’ and then just copy and share the link with a contact to begin video chatting straight in your browser.
Each conversation window has its own unique URL and you can easily create multiple conversations and name them for different topics. You don’t need any account for this to work.

Firefox Marketplace for Desktop

Mozilla has opened up the Firefox Marketplace for the desktop, currently in beta.

Firefox Share

Now you can share to your favorite social network any link straight from your browser.


Here’s the full Firefox 35 changelog:

  • New: Firefox Hello with new rooms-based conversations model.
  • New: New search UI improved and enabled for more locales.
  • New: Access the Firefox Marketplace from the Tools menu and optional toolbar button.
  • New: Built-in support for H264 (MP4) on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer through native APIs.
  • New: Improved handling of dynamic styling changes to increase responsiveness.
  • New: Implemented HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension (for enhanced authentication of encrypted connections).
  • New: Use tiled rendering on OS X.
  • New: Improved high quality image resizing performance.
  • HTML5: Changed JavaScript ‘let’ semantics to match the ES6 specification.
  • HTML5: Resource Timing API implemented.
  • HTML5: CSS filters enabled by default.
  • HTML5: Added support for the CSS Font Loading API.
  • Developer: Support for inspecting ::before and ::after pseudo elements.
  • Developer: Computed view: Nodes matching the hovered selector are now highlighted.
  • Developer: Network Monitor: New request/response headers view (more info).
  • Developer: Added support for the EXT_blend_minmax WebGL extension.
  • Fixed: Show DOM Properties context menu item in inspector.
  • Fixed: Reduced resource usage for scaled images.
  • Fixed: PDF.js updated to version 1.0.907.
  • Fixed: Non-HTTP(S) XHR now returns correct status code.

Download: Mozilla Firefox Offline installer (Standalone) download