Google Chrome : Now with 64-bit version

Finally Google has released a stable 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows.

According to Google, 64-bit Chrome for Windows has three major advantages over its 32-bit cousin:

  • It’s faster,
  • more secure,
  • more stable.


Even the tasks like HD video on YouTube, are 15% faster under the 64-bit version of Chrome. the most major plug-ins, including Silverlight, Java, and Flash have all been updated to 64-bit. That’s a small price to pay for increased speed, security, and (according to Google) twice the stability of 32-bit Chrome, though.

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Three months of testing later, and the 64-bit build of Chrome has passed muster and percolated down to the latest stable version: Chrome 37.

According to Google, 64 bits Chrome will provide a marked improvement in rendering speed and Google also says it sees an average improvement of 25% in graphics and multimedia content. The main focused advantage is VP9 video decoding (i.e. surfing YouTube) is 15% faster. It suspects the 64-bit version of Chrome will feel a bit faster in everyday use.

The concern to security and stability are much less nebulous but Moving to a 64-bit process allows Chrome to use features such as High Entropy ASLR (address space layout randomization) and improve defenses against JIT spraying

The official download Google chrome 64 Bit


Remarkably Chrome’s 64-bit renderer process will be almost twice as stable as the 32-bit version!!