How to use Whatsapp on your PC/Mac without Bluestacks?

whatsapp_windows_phone_header_logoWhatsapp is one of the most famous messaging app available for smartphones, so people who don’t own a smartphone like to use it via their laptops or computers. Now if you are one of those people who want to install Whatsapp on their phone without installing Bluestacks or any other App Player or Simulator.

We know that there are many reasons for not using these players or simulators, they are bulky, they require high configuration, they require graphic cards to run or may be you don’t trust them to be installed on your PC. But Now with this method you don’t need any Graphic Card.

Things you Need –

  • Working PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • A Internet connection
  • Mobile number to create your new Whatsapp account (not needed if you already have a Whatsapp account).
  • Wassapp Application

wassapp_logoWassapp application basically allows any user to chat with his WhatsApp contacts from a computer (using a phone number that has been previously registered in WhatsApp, using a smartphone or any other method).

Linux and OS X versions will be available soon.


Here are the easy steps to Download Whatsapp on your PC without using Bluestacks or any other App Player.


  1. First of all Download Wassapp for Windows.
  2. After completeing the download, double click the downloaded file and install the Wassapp application.
  3. When installation is completed open Wassapp using desktop shortcut.
  4. Now enter you mobile number and password.
  5. Then either click on Login or Register. Login if you are already using Whatsapp from your number or register if you don’t have an account.
  6. That’s it, now add you friends to your list using their contacts and chat with them for free.


If the phone number was registered on an Android phone, the password is the phone’s IMEI.
If the phone number was registered on an iPhone, the password if the WiFi MAC address.


If you are having any problem, feel free to contact.

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  • axmetmcl

    dear admin, i can not register and login this app. I am using iphone 5 and i tried to use wifi mac address as a password but it did not work. Should I register first? If yes it gives an error message too.

    • Currently they are updating their application. So, you have to first register via phone then login.

      • axmetmcl

        but I can not register via phone too, what do you mean “via phone”? I can not register on this app on PC / Windows 7.

        • This will not work for a new number, it only works with people having an account on whatsapp because registration is not working.
          Wait for the update.

          • axmetmcl

            ahh sorry, i have a whatsapp on my iphone already. so what should i do now?

          • Then you just have to login using your phone no. and password. No registration is needed.

          • axmetmcl

            as i said in the first message, i cant login the app with my phone number and wifi address. it does not accept it.

          • What error exactly are you getting ?

            Can you send a screenshot?

          • axmetmcl

            you can find the error below. Thanks in advance.

          • Don’t know what is the error, man. But as far as i know this should be working. Are you sure you are entering the right credentials? Try other account.

          • axmetmcl

            i have checked some forums, blogs about Wassapp and it is not working about 5 months. So it is not working anymore.

          • NO that’s not true man. I am using this and many of my friends are also using.

          • axmetmcl

            yes but it is working for all old users. Not new ones 🙁

          • joma

            excuse me sir, what il the correct form to introduce my wifi mac address as password? is the 00:00:00:00:00:AA right? thank you

          • Which device are you using ?

          • joma

            iphone 4

          • ok. you just need to enter the password without colons(;)

  • abc

    i m using laptop with win 8 . i hav downloaded wassap.. while registering i asks wifi address or IEMEI num.what to do.. i dnt know wifi address. please rply.