Intel “Ivy Town” 15 Core Xeon E7 Processors Specs Revealed

Intel has revealed details about its upcoming microprocessor for enterprise servers at the International Solid State Circuit Technology Conference. The chip will feature up to 15 cores, all-new topology as well as enhanced RAS [reliability, availability, scalability] features.
The yet to be launched “Ivy Town” Intel CPU series is one of the chips that makes such high performance and capacity levels possible.
Known as Xeon E7-8800v2, it is made for business servers and other enterprise applications, particularly high-end workstations.
The chip is a 15-core model (64-bit Ivy-Bridge cores), which means that the system can use 30 threads, thanks to Hyper-Threading technology.
The cache memory is a massive 35.7 MB (shared L3 cache), and the overpowered spec sheet continues with a high-speed serial I/O interface.

The Ivy Town processor’s high-speed serial I/O’s includes of 40 lanes of PCI Express (2.5/5.0/8.0Gbps), four lanes of direct media interface (DMI) (2.5/5.0Gbps), and 60 lanes of QPI (6.4/7.2/8.0Gbps) interface to connect with other central processing units (CPUs).ivy-townThe floor plan of the Ivy Town chip is considerably different compared to today’s multi-core chips and is driven by the ring bus routability and latency, as well as the chop requirements to different core counts. The cores and associated L3 cache are organized in columns of five with the ring bus segment embedded.

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The DDR3 memory controllers (and there are two of them) bear mentioning as well, each featuring two memory channels with 800MT/s – 1867MT/s effective frequencies (normal DDR3 modules) or 2667MT/s speeds (to connect to a memory extension buffer using voltage-mode single-ended / VMSE interface).

The processor includes 4.31 billion transistors and is manufactured using 22nm process technology. The design supports a wide array of product offerings with thermal design power ranging from 40 to 150W and frequencies ranging from 1.4 to 3.8GHz.

The Intel Ivy Town LGA 2011 Xeon E7-8800v2 CPU should be released at some point this year.

Intel ‘Ivy Town’ Specs

15 Cores (64-bit Ivy-Bridge cores)

30 Threads

Cache Memory: 35.7 MB (shared L3 cache)

4.31 billion transistors

22nm process technology

Power: 40 to 150W

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