iOS 8 features that are ‘inspired’ by Android


Apple recently unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS 8 at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. According to company this is “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store,”.

Many of these Android inspirations are more regular and obvious than others, including the new QuickType typing suggestions in iOS 8, Apple’s new support for third-party keyboard modifications applications, the “Hey, Siri” word for always-on listening features, the Widgets support in the Notification Center, the battery stats shown in iOS 8’s Settings, actionable notifications, and the improved photo backup in iCloud. Developer-oriented features, like the ability of uploading an app video in the App Store or to offer app beta tests to customers will also sound familiar to Android users.

QuickType and third-party keyboards support

Apple showed a big deal about its brand new QuickType keyboard. The keyboard features predictive typing and can learn based on your typing habits. In addition to QuickType, iOS 8 will also bring support for third-party keyboard applications. But Android users have had these features for years.

‘Hey Siri’

There are improvements to Siri including addition of 22 new dictation languages and song recognition integration using Shazam. But the ability to launch Siri by speaking the phrase “Hey Siri” when the phone is plugged into a car reminds us of Android’s Google Now where the phrase “Ok, Google” the app can be launched.

iCloud Drive Storage

With iCloud Drive, a Dropbox-like service for storing documents on the cloud. In addition to Dropbox, Android and Apple users already have Google Drive. As iCloud is limited to 5GB of free storage, Google Drive offers 15GB for free, while Dropbox initially offers 2GB for free alongwith the ability to earn up to 20GB as referral bonus.



Apple users will finally get access to basic widgets in new iOS update. Not same as on Android where you can place widgets on your home and lock screens, however, iOS 8 widgets will be limited to the pull-down Notification Center.

Interactive Notifications

Interactive notifications will let users to quickly respond to messages, accept calendar appointments without having to enter the app itself. Android has offered these kinds of actionable notifications since 2012.

App Store Previews

Now in App Store is what Apple calls “App Previews,” similar to Google Play Store where you can watch app demo videos before downloading the apps.



TestFlight, a new technology Apple acquired this year which will give iPhone and iPad owners the facility test their apps in beta before they are officially released in the App Store. Also it is known that Google has allowed Android users to test their beta apps already.

Don’t call it a rip-off. Apple adds its own imprint on features that Android users have long enjoyed. They are adding thier own spin. Notifications, for instance, will be interactive straight from the lock screen, which is not currently the case on Android.