Mobile App Development with Its New Level

Due to the wide usage of the Internet and related Electronic devices, the platform for Applications are taking into a next level of thinking where mobile Apps are no longer remaining as Mobile Apps with us. Gone are the days when we only have a phone with the purpose of making calls and Texts, then came a time of Multimedia and other related things, the current one is considered to be most sophisticated device in the field of communication called Smartphones.

With the increasing usage of Apps and numerous technology aspects of Smartphones shown up a way to take it to the next level of Communication called wearable devices. Along with the advancement of Technologies and Apps, the mindset of people is getting improvised and broaden to the level of perceiving things which were unimagined once!

Now, using the Smartphones are not as flexible as it was once. Tech geeks and majority of the Smartphone users are very much anticipation for the next level of communications and its ways.

Mobile Apps were developed based on the platform and the nature of the devices and Companies manufacturing it. Because, the Apps developed for Android may not be supported in the devices manufactured by companies doesn’t provide devices for the same.

App developers should explore the ideas of taking the Apps work to the next level by giving more important to voice-command feature. Developing Apps which is a voice – command oriented will be greatly welcomed as the Smartphones are going into the next level of wrist phones and Glasses in the place of phones. Devices with such nature of technologies will expect the Apps with more about Voice-command features in almost all the Apps. It should be developed in a way where more of Voice command should be used rather than Touch or Texting by using the device. This way, the usage of Smartphones will be reduced enormously in real time scenario and the Convenience of using the devices will take its transformation into the next level of easiness. On top of that, people with blindness will be benefited by it to an incredible level.

One Effective way to develop the Apps to fulfill the expectations of users is to do an in-depth research over what the User really wanted in real time from the users’ perspective. An Image below would give an idea as a user simply needs on his phone in terms of Apps.


Imagine a feature of Technology, where all you must do is, asking the phone to open up the Apps and send the messages to right contacts or asking App to download the songs and store it in your favorite folder. It is more of “do it on your own” voice command to phones.


Siri was one of the initiatives of such in the industry. Developers can see that an example to develop more Apps of that nature.

If the more sophisticated Apps are not developed in the near future as per the expectation and needs of the users, perhaps, it will create an option to adapt to other devices like Glasses and Wrist watches of Giant companies which will become the killer of Smartphones eventually.

The Bottom line is, Nature of Mobile Apps should explore its ways to something we have never experienced, but at the same time, the Human mind has perceived in the subconscious mind. Developers must be keen on developing Apps which will have features and usages beyond the level of user expectations to keep a stand for the longest time in the industry.

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