Mozilla Firefox 22 Stable Released

Mozilla is currently preparing to upgrade all versions of the Firefox web browser starting with the stable version of it. Firefox 21 will be upgraded to version 22 on 25th June, while Beta, Aurora and Nightly users of the browser will have to wait a day or so longer before their version of the browser is updated as well.

Mozilla is currently preparing to distribute the newest version of Firefox to its ftp server and from there to its mirror distribution system. Once that is out of the way, the official release announcement will be made on the website.

Firefox users can use the automatic update feature of the browser to upgrade to Firefox 22, or download the latest version of the browser from the Mozilla website instead and install it from there.

Firefox 22 What’s New

  • Operating system specific
  • WebRTC is now enabled by default
  • HTML5 Audio and Video Playback Speed modifications
  • Performance improvements
  • Social Services

Other Changes

  • Improved memory usage when rendering images. This should help on systems with low amounts of RAM if pages with large images are viewed regularly.
  • Firefox is now using word wrap for plain text files.

Developer changes

  • The CSS3 Flexible Box has been enabled by default (introduced in Firefox 18)
  • The initial value for min-width and min-height is 0.
  • Node.getUserData, Note.setUserData, Node.isSupported and Note.attributes have been removed (DOM).
  • HTMLMediaElement.crossorigin and HTMLInputElement.inputmode have been renamed to HTMLMediaElement.crossOrigin and HTMLInputElement.inputMode.
  • XHR multipart response support has been removed.
  • HTML elements with tag names no longer use the HTMLSpanElement.
  • LSProgressEvent, ProgressEvent.initProgressEvent and SVGEvent have been removed.
  • Unknown SVG Elements will be SVGElement and not SVGUnknownElement.
  • NoteIterator.detach does nothing.
  • ParallelArray is now disabled in Beta, Release and ESR channels but not in Aurora and Nightly channels.
  • HTML5 data element has been added to the browser.
  • The range state of the input element has been implemented.
  • ASM.js optimizations are enabled.
  • ES6 Arrow Function syntax has been implemented.
  • The new function has been added.
  • Pointer Lock API can now be used outside of full screen.
  • New Web Notifications API implemented.

Firefox Developer Tools

  • Font Inspector now shows which fonts on your computer are applied to the page.
  • Dev tools can now be docked to the right side and not just the bottom of the screen.
  • Visual paint feedback mode shows when and where a page is repainted.

Security updates

  1. The | Components | object is no longer accessible from web content.

For all Firefox fans

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