Smart watches are on a roll as Sony unveils SmartWatch 3, and HTC eyes for MWC

A phone earlier used to be for calling purpose only. Time has changed, and making calls is a secondary task to perform through the phones. In the same way, watch is not just a product to know time. The smartwatches have evolved today that can handle multiple jobs like a calculator, playing game like a smartphone, and many others.


These smart watches can deal with the mobile applications, and even some can play directly with the mobile platforms. In terms of connectivity as well, they are efficient enough through Bluetooth. Looking at such usability of the concept, the manufacturers are showing increasing interest towards it. Apparently, two big names in manufacturing arena are in buzz on this regard.

Sony makes the smart wearables, SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk available

Japanese leading manufacturer Sony has made its latest SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk available. Through the process, Sony enters into the smart wearable territory along other leading manufacturers.

SmartWatch 3 is a fantastic product specifically made for present Android Wear trends. Through the process it has managed to become the opening smartwatch of its range. The other name SmartBand is also a great stuff that can let users handle calls and voice control functionalities through their wearable devices.

Talking of the other specs, the device has native microphone, accelerometer, Gyro, GPS, etc.

HTC to enter into Smartwatch this MWC

Here we come up with another leading manufacturer HTC in smartphone arena that is very soon going to start its quest. Reportedly, HTC will be putting the wraps off for this range of product at Mobile World Congress this March. There will be another much buzzed product One M9 flagship unveiled during the occasion as well.


Expected specs

The latest SmartWatch reportedly will be sporting fitness tracking application service. Anyway, nothing much could have been gathered regarding design or specs of the product. However, everyone knows that keeping rumor mills tight lipped is just impossible. Believing the sources, the latest HTC smartwatch will come with extensive connectivity options.

There are many parts unclear regarding the product as well. HTC is said to be stepping into the trend carefully looking at the competitors. There is no specification as well whether it will be applying same concept as a wearable platforms as of competitors or anything else. Still, maximum chances are there it to be a very good Android wearable.

Sony has also worked for native SmartWatch platform, but finally prefers to play with Android only. Hence, nothing surprising will be there if HTC repeats the same pattern. In fact, there is no alternative for it.

HTC Smartwatch to carry an excellent design

However, sources say HTC is planning to make the Smartwatch available with a great piece of design. There are many chances hold for it to be real as its M9 is reportedly going to carry a trendy design and manufacture would certainly love to blend the concept with its upcoming Smartwatch as well. We all know M8 from HTC was a great device in terms of its design and display, and HTC would never mind implementing the same concept here that can make it go for a dream start with smartwatch.


There are no official details made available regarding the product’s availability or price tag. Now all eyes are certainly on March 1st that has been scheduled for HTC’s press meet for Mobile World Congress. We hope things will be clear on the day. Stay Tuned!

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