Smartphones with more RAM by Samsung

Samsung has simply declared a record breakthrough in Random Access Memory technology that might pave the approach for smartphones and tablets with 4K UHD screens. The South Korean technology big same on weekday that it’s developed the primary LPDDR4 RAM. this implies that the RAM can use less power than traditional DDR4 RAM, however it’s the power to manage double the quantity of information.

According to Samsung, this implies it’s currently possible from a technological stand a minimum of, to develop tablets and smartphones with radical High Definition (UHD) 4K screens. “With the new chip, Samsung can specialize in the premium mobile market as well as large-screened UHD smartphones, tablets and ultra-slim notebooks that supply fourfold the resolution of Full HD,” the corporate same during a statement.

4K Supported RAM

If the corporate will turn out the RAM in high enough quantities, that I little question assume that they’ll be able to, it might imply that a Samsung Galaxy S5 with 4GB of powerful RAM may be on the horizon. Well, chip designer ARM has already confirmed that Samsung are unveiling a 64-bit Exynos chip before long and mix this with the new LPDDR4 RAM, it might mean the Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes the foremost powerful Smartphone on the market by a protracted margin.

In addition to higher resolution displays, this RAM technology would additionally result in quicker and a lot of powerful applications, a considerably longer battery life and even a lot of advanced options that aren’t nevertheless obtainable with current handsets.

There ar rumours floating around that Samsung is attending to unveil the new model of the Galaxy series, the Galaxy S5, at Mobile World Congress in February 2014.