The gem of true friendship is the key to a happy life

friendsDo you have a lifelong friends? The ones we met in school or the ones we met in our college time. The life is best spent out when you are with friends. Remember the moments you feel relaxed and had fun with your closet friends. These are the moments of your life. You don’t come to realize them until they become memories. You take pictures with them, you eat, you talk and sometimes you fight. And these little fights make the bond even stronger !

We’ve been hanging around each other for a long time now. Few people make me laugh until my eyes water and my sides hurt. We make fun of each other and then everyone laughs. Nobody feels lonely.

You treasure your friends because no matter how deep a shit you dig for yourself, they’ll stand by your side even when you’re wrong just to bring you back on the right path afterwards. They can crack you up even when you’re crying your eyes out. You can lose your brains together and go full retard just to sit on the front porch some day reminiscing being a child again.

True friends say good things behind your back and bad things to your face.

You can discuss anything and everything with them no matter how lame the topics can be. And most important of all, they make planet earth inhabitable by you even when you go tired.

There are always something we can share only with friends but not with parents/siblings for they care too much about us. e.g. Indian parents would certainly say a big no for a para gliding trip. Every one acts like an ideal son/daughter in front of parents but with real friends we are all real,naked. Their honest opinion is real worthy.

Self-esteem boost: Friends bring out the best in us,boost our morale, help in the bad times and most importantly they value us.They make us feel important for them.

Sharing dreams: We want people with whom we can share our dreams and ambitions and we want someone loyal. So who can be a better start-up partner than the best buddy.

Connectors: Friendship create a virtual network. It is always better to deal with a friend of friend than a complete stranger.

Our parents may not be always there,but friends can be for life time.

We’re all imperfect creatures, we have no way of reaching the point where we have a complete understanding of ourselves, instead we drift in varying levels of ignorance and fear, tipped with our success.
This is where friends assist us toward our ultimate goal of total self awareness. Friends see things we don’t see, hear things not meant for our ears. So much of us they know and that knowledge is a vein of pure gold for all, guiding us toward a clearer path to the center we call self.

Real friends are like mirror , they show who really we are.