The “Sine” of the Life

Its not about what happened yesterday, its about what are you going to do today.

Optimism is way of thinking focused on endless opportunities and possibilities in the midst of an unfortunate circumstance that happened or is happening in one’s life.

If something negative happened to you in the past, it should not hinder with your present or even your future. Your future is still in your hands. You can do whatever with it if move in the right direction. Let’s take an example from mathematics (Yes, I know you hate it.) that always help me if I ever get depressed.


This is a sine wave. Although it has a lot of mathematical importance, it also conveys a very important life lesson.

“What goes up has to come down but what comes down inevitably goes up too”

This is what life is. It’s a mix of ups and downs. One day you can be on the top of the world and the next you don’t know where to run. Losing hope is bad. Losing all hope is the worst that can happen. But this lack of hope might, in a way, can be the best thing to have happened to you. Why? Well, for starters ‘hope’ has proven to be sole reason for many a success stories but often this very hope takes a negative turn and puts individuals under lot of undue pressure and leads to eventual breakdown.

So, you just need to look up stories that make you optimistic from your past, analyze them and plan present. Just think of what you want to do and how you are going to achieve it and stay positive for that.

You cannot command hope. Telling it to come back is like shouting at the sky to stop raining or the night to turn into dawn. I believe in positive thinking, but sometimes, you just cannot positively think your way into hope. Not when things are really bleak. That’s just denial. Denial has helped no one

The best way to renew HOPE, is to plant it. Yes. Like a seed. Where is your soil? Other people. Other people are your soil.

Give hope to someone else. Listen to someone else. Nurture someone else.  Reach out.  That warm, fuzzy, feeling you get, that peace, that smile – that is the early stages of hope. Keep at it, and it will grow, spread, take root and blossom again. And then it will take shape and form as it relates to your life. It’s nebulous and hard to explain, but it works.

In the end the essence of all the story is that:
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

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