Try Firefox OS in your browser right now !

firefox-os-250213So are you among the curious ones who are desperately waiting for Mozilla to launch the Mozilla OS based smartphone in your country? To cut short this wait, the organisation has now come up with a Firefox OS Stimulator by updating the Firefox OS simulator to version 4. 

There is still a lot of time left for the Mozilla OS phones to arrive around the globe but you can still feel and test the platform!

The add-on has the ability to test whether an app properly generates the receipt generated when an app is downloaded from the Firefox Marketplace. It has the ability to completely reset an app by typing Ctrl-R on Windows and Cmd-R on OS X. The command will wipe out all locally stored information.

Try out the new Future Fox : Australis

The stimulator is a Firefox browser based add-on which can be installed and used as a testing interface for the new interface. As written on the official blog post by Firefox OS developer advocate, Angelina Fabbro, the add-on have the ability to simulate touch-screen events with mouse clicks, the add-on is a style editor tool that lets programmers create and test CSS formatting.

Though the browser module have certain limitations as the browser based OS environment can’t test some of the features which needs a real phone. Such as tilting features of phone.