Want to share big size data ? Here’s how.

Do you want to share large size files over internet and facing problem? Mostly there are two ways – you can attach file in email attachment but sometimes files are too large send through email, else simply upload them to file hosting websites and share their download links.


HJ-split : Mostly Web email services like Gmail and Outlook allow you to send files up to 25 MB in size. You can use HJ-split utility to break file into parts of 25 MB and send them using email. Recipient can restore file by joining them.

Further are few best online storage services:

Microsoft OneDrive : lets you upload single files up to 2 GB in size while the individual size limit is 1 TB (yes 1000 GB) in the case of Google Drive. For even bigger files, you can use Dropbox – here the files have no size limit if you upload them to Dropbox through the desktop application.

WeTransfer : WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer service based in Amsterdam designed to send small to large files. WeTransfer users can send files up to 2GB in the free version for time period of 7 days.

JustBeamIt : using this peer-to-peer app for file transfers can be done between your computer and the recipient’s computer directly. JustBeamIt website will instantly create a shareable download link.

Infinit : is another impressive desktop application to share your large size files available for both Windows and Mac platform. All you have to do is drag the file on to the Infinit app, choose any recipient from your contacts and the transfer will begin once they accept the incoming file request. Its best feature is it support resumable download.

SpiderOak : SpiderOak online backup tool to back up, share, sync, access and store data using an off-site server. accessible through an app for Windows, Mac and Linux computer platforms, and Android, N900 Maemo and iOS mobile platforms. SpiderOak uses encrypted cloud storage and client-side encryption key creation
SpiderOak offers two account types, a free 2 GB version and a paid subscription for capacity above the free account limit. Users can also create a referral link, and each time the link is used to sign up for an account, an extra 1GB will be allotted to both accounts. The maximum account size that can be attained in this manner is 10GB.

Skype drive: app can also be used for sending documents, photos, videos and other large files of any format to your Skype contacts. Just initiate a chat session or a audio / video call with a contact and choose the Send File option to initiate a transfer. The service imposes no limit to the size or number of the files you can send or receive using Skype and since it is peer-to-peer, no centralized server is needed for the file transfer.

OwnCloud : Files and other data (such as calendars, contacts or bookmarks) can also be accessed using a web browser without any additional software. Any updates to files are pushed between all computers or mobile devices connected to a user’s account. File storage in conventional directory structures or via WebDAV
Impressive Features like Encryption of user files, support different Operating systems, music streaming, online file viewer,etc

SugarSync: Access All Your Files. Anytime. Anywhere.
SugarSync stood out for one reason: It let you choose any folder on your computer to back up to the cloud automatically. sugarSync switched to a paid-only model, killing off its free 5 GB plan. SugarSync’s paid plans start at $7.49 per month or $75 per year for 60 GB of storage. Existing users won’t get to keep their free plans, but SugarSync is offering a 75-percent discount on its basic plan.

Tonido :
Access and Share ALL your files, photos, music and videos on your PC (Win, Mac or Linux) from anywhere using Tonido Desktop Software. Access, Sync and Share ALL your docs, photos, music and videos on USB and SATA drives using a TonidoPlug. On-Premises file storage, mobile access and sync solution for your business using FileCloud

SparkleShare :
SparkleShare creates a special folder on your computer. You can add remotely hosted folders (or “projects”) to this folder. These projects will be automatically kept in sync with both the host and all of your peers when someone adds, removes or edits a file.

  • Frequently changing project files, like text, office documents, and images
  • Tracking and syncing files edited by multiple people
  • Reverting a file to any point in its history
  • Preventing spying on your files on the server using encryption

Not so great

  • Full computer backups
  • Storing your photo or music collection
  • Large binary files that change often, like video editing projects

Team Drive :
The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and IOS with four account levels: Free, Personal, Professional and SecureOffice. Each account starts with 2 GiB of free cloud storage but can be upgraded either for free via a customer referral program (an additional 250 MiB per referral and up to 10 GiB total) or via upgrade packages.