"What do you like so much about Arsenal?"

So I must seem quite fanatic when I get asked something like this, which is not a problem at all. However the first thing I sputter out is “Everything”. And while one can claim this is a completely crude and mundane answer I think this describes it very precisely.

Which real Gunner would be able to say anything different from this? I mean let’s face it, this is what Arsenal is all about, that even when everything sucks and everybody’s talking about how crappy we are and the Spuds claim the thing they do whilst hobbling around on the pitch is actually football, we still know that we are the greatest team. I think no other big club in Europe had to suffer this much as we had to, in the previous season.
Arsenal-logoWe lost important players, and it seemed as if we were going to play the next season without the Champions League (which was obvious bullshit to me even at the time we were on place 16, and we had to struggle with a worrying amount of injuries. So that’s how we had our first bad spell in the beginning of the season. After we recovered everything seemed turning brighter, but January and the Boxing Days knocked on the door and knocked us down, again. So the Spuds were 10 points ahead of us on the day we kicked their stupid ass out of our beautiful stadium, and I guess that’s how it began.

Now everyone has been proven wrong, even if we did lose Carling Cup, FA Cup and the Champions League. We showed what class this team has and what this team can accomplish with a little luck granted by the Football Injury God. However the loss in the Champions League is by far the one, that depressed me the most even if we left the pitch with our heads held high. For me, it would have been perfectly alright if we had progressed to the quarter finals and not Milan. We played a crappy game, they played a crappy game, so it would have been just fair for us as well. Especially for the piece of run down battlefield-like field where they could have harvested potatoes the day before, they were presenting us as their campo di calcio.

So, I guess there is no need to say, why someone loves Arsenal. You can hear it from every player.

As our king has once said it,-“you never really leave Arsenal.”