Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 6: Looks Inspired by Apple’s iOS 7 UI


MIUI 6 includes more colourful, minimalist interface with enhanced security features. Upcoming Xiaomi, Mi 4 and best selling Mi 3, will receive the MIUI 6 official update soon after another round of developer testing.Xiaomi, is taking its “Apple of china” title too literally. As its latest version of UI is looking very similar to Apple’s iOS 7.

MIUI 6, which is Xiaomi’s upcoming UI for its latest phones and tablets, looks almost exactly like Apple’s iOS. It includes the same bright color palette and a flat design. It even does away with app drawer and puts all apps on your home screen. Xiaomi used big white spaces accented with bright colors within its core apps, very much similar to iOS 7.

Despite the changes in the looks, there are few enhancements. The dialer app for example will show you caller ID for unknown numbers. three

Other major changes include lockscreen display. You can see the number of pending notifications straight from the lock screen and get to the app showing it directly by pulling up on the number.The Notification Center has also been revamped to show floating pop-up notifications at the top of the screen without compromising with the whole display. The notifications are interactive, allowing you to do things like answer a phone call from the notice.

It is not surprising that many people are calling MIUI 6 a straight iOS rip-off, but it also have features exclusive to MIUI such as customizable notification toggles, MIUI themes and the permissions manager.

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