Facebook and Twitter Ready for World Cup 2014


Its Football fever everywhere. Social network giants are also ready for this. Both facebook and twitter launched new features for World Cup.

Facebook launches Trending World Cup hub

Facebook just launched a hub for all football fans to keep them in touch with all the news and updates coming out of the World Cup in Brazil.

Facebook World Cup hub will show the latest scores and highlights from the matches, there is also an interactive feed showing posts from friends, players and your favorite teams. There’s also a Facebook interactive map showing which players have the most fans and where they’re located around the world.


Following the beginning of the World Cup, users will also be able to easily share which matches they are watching during any game, simply by tapping the smiley icon when composing an update. , Facebook has also set up an ‘official’ page for Facebook Ref for the tournament.

Twitter brings back hashflags for World Cup 2014

Twiiter also brings back its hashflags feature which was last used for the 2010 World Cup. This option makes it easy to pledge support to your national side across twitter simply by entering a # followed by your three-letter country name or code (FRA, GER, BRA, etc.).

Alongwith displaying the national flag, Twitter will be tallying the tweets containing ‘hashflags’ and unveiling “the World Cup of Tweets”. You can vote for your team, on twitter.

You can also follow the #WorldCup and #WorldCup2014 hashtags too, which include tweets from players, coaches and teams, as well as people you follow.

For new users, there’s now the option to select your team during the sign-up process, which then gives access to a number of custom headers and profile photos.

Naturally, as one of the biggest sporting events in the calendar, the world’s leading social networking sites want their users to engage and follow updates from the tournament. Enjoy the Game.