iPhone 6 Wins the Race With its Close Competitors

Apple carried forward design of iPad Air while designing iPhone 6. This is generally characterized by the curves on sides, corners and edges. Besides the larger 5.5 inch iPhone6 Plus Apple also unveiled iPhone 6. This is stylish 4.7 inch handset having faster A8 processor, 720p Retina HD display and NFC. Lots of improvements have been noticed compared to the previous models but new iPhones are facing tough competitions from the Android rivals such as Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. We shall now compare iPhone6 with other similar phones to fully appreciate the proper characteristics of iPhone 6. Both these models have bigger screens, quad core processors and expandable memory. untitled-182 With the introduction of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, Apple is likely to gain a lot as preorders are already breaking all records and hype that has been building before introduction of new iPhones will further assist. Apple does not function in isolation as there are many other companies trying to come up with their versions but competition is tough. With introduction of new iPhones, dust has since settled and companies are hoping that their phones will outperform the others. One wonders who will be left in the cold.  Finally the big screen smartphones with Apple Pay, mobile payment system, has been unveiled by Apple and you can buy one for yourself using Amazon India.

Let’s just have a brief look on its close competitors:

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: This smartphone has metal frame on sides. Its back is even now made of plastic. It gives the impression of being classier than Galaxy S5. However it’s back even now is made of plastic and it mostly looks similar to Galaxy S5. Sony Xperia Z3: The design of new Sony smartphone is similar to that of the predecessors Xperia Z, Z1 and Z2 and is pocketable easily because of its much smaller size. Though the glass back appears the same, the metal frame is less pronounced on the sides. HTC One (M8): This smartphone has a brushed metal finish on back panel and has speakers in front. This has chamfered edges and rounded corners and buttons are below the screen. There is prominent secondary camera at the back situated little above primary camera. Nokia Lumia 930: Top end smartphone of Microsoft has metal rim on its sides and is quite comfortable in hand like the rivals. Its back is made of plastic. This is available in black, white, green and orange. Competition from Apple will hurt HTC, LG and others who have already been struggling against iPhone5S for a year. Consumers are likely to go more for the new Apple smartphone and make full use of Snapdeal coupon codes for good discounts. Also Read: Everything Apple announced that you care about

So where exactly does Apple 6 have the edge?

Metal versus plastic

Aluminum craftsmanship is preferred by Apple whereas LG G3 sticks to lighter plastic construction for phone housing.

Screen resolution

Like LGG3, iPhone 6 Plus has 5.5 inch display but uses 1080p resolution display because of which its pixel density is much lower.


Megapixel war is on among the handset makers pushing up number of pixels. Apple has managed to keep megapixels steady for rear camera and 1.2 for front camera. So now that you know where Apple 6 stands viz-a-viz its competitors you can also check out the latest deals on CouponDekho and make good savings.

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