Real Estate Agents – Check out new House Management App

The job description of a real estate agent also includes the online management of his properties if, he is putting up ads on any real estate portal. Apart from that, to be very candid the real estate agents have a galaxy of commitments to live up to and lot of things to arrange.., and everything should be done with due diligence and on time, since it affects his goodwill. He has been expected to juggle everything perfectly to keep the show going smoothly and every real estate agent in Bangalore or any city deals with good number of properties with innumerable residential units. Hence maintaining everything on time becomes quite difficult for them. But, here’s the good news! has launched the Housing mobile app for agents to ensure that they can manage their house listings and leads easily through a smart phone in one click.


How the app is useful for agents

The property dealers in Bangalore or any other cities can easily use this app by downloading it for free from the Google app store. The app is power packed with features like:

Easy way of listing the properties

The real estate agents can easily list their properties by sending a request. Since all the listings are duly verified by the in-house team, hence he will receive an intimation from for a personal visit and once the visit is done, along with the photographs being clicked, the listings go live

Lead Generation

The property agents of Bangalore or respective cities, whose listings are live, will get an intimation if anyone is enquiring about the same property. This enables the property dealers to manage leads by getting in touch with them instantly and take it to the next level

Edit the listings

If the property gets booked, then that particular listing needs to be deactivated from the list, which is one of the very important aspects of maintaining the updated inventory so that the home shoppers are not misled. Even this can be done easily with the app

Updates about the status of the listed properties

This is another aspect which needs to be handled with utmost priority. Tracking the performance of every property through this app, the real estate broker of Bangalore and the other cities get updated about the listed properties

Ranking or prioritizing the leads

The leads can be categorized in descending order as per the priorities. Hot leads need to be taken care of immediately wherein others can be kept for follow – ups. Through this app, the real estate agent can prioritize the leads and hence can have an idea, which client to cater to first, thus accentuating the performance which ensures better chances of closing deals

The real estate agents actually deal not only with the set of clientele but also assist them in materializing the most nurtured dreams wherein they invest huge money too. The responsibility of the agents are not only just limited to showing properties to them, but also a house which they can make a home out of it. There are lot of emotions and feelings attached to it, hence dealing with every client with due understanding is important, and this app, in a way acts as a planner for every real estate agent.

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