The LG G Flex – A Neat Idea, But Not Quite Up to Snuff Yet?

The LG G Flex has a lot of eyes glued to its bendy body all across this technology hungry globe, and for good reason. It’s the very first of its kind, a 4G smart-phone with a flexible display that could potentially change the game in the mobile phone industry.


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Said to be leaving the laboratory and invading the American market during the first quarter of 2014, there has already been quite a bit of not so hush-hush discussion as to whether or not this new model style is a doozy or a dud. Surprisingly and unfortunately, as it turns out, the latter seems to be the more general conclusion.

The word of this invention hit the streets last year and the competition was already underway with Samsung and their Galaxy Round. Featuring not only a truly remarkably bendable screen, the large LG G Flex handset also touts a brilliant 720P OLED display, 2 GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 mobile processor and a lovely 13 MP camera to boot.


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That all sounds well and good, of course, but when will the people get their own hands-on time to really make their personal conclusions on the G Flex? As it turns out the question is still on the table since the president of LG Canada, Frank Lee, merely stated in Las Vegas the this smart-phone will in fact be arriving on T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. No details concerning its price or date of release were given. The Vice President of Product Management at Sprint, David Owen, did however state that he had been carrying the G Flex for weeks on end and that it has been quickly and consistently noticed by others on the streets with favorable reactions. Other reviewers on the web, however, have not been looking upon this new offering in the same light. Ultimately, the decision and conclusions concerning the G Flex will be entirely subjective, but only time and experience will tell as to if this mobile device will indeed bring about a revolution in the smart-phone, as well as the greater technological, world.


Guest Post by Ezra Melino.

Ezra Melino is an all-around-geek turned serious blogger out of North Carolina who not-so-secretly relishes an in-print love affair with everything from technology and multimedia entertainment to film and California. He has written for and managed multiple tech blogs that are devoted to exploring new technological developments all around the world.

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