E3 2014: EA announced FIFA 15 with Emotional Intelligence


As expected EA Sports introduce the world to the latest addition to the FIFA series during their conference at E3 2014, and the company delivered with a trailer reminiscent of their “Beautiful Game” speech from 2006. Combining live-action video and later transitioning into some gorgeous next-generation visuals, the FIFA 15 trailer is sure to excite fans of the series. It shines light on the fresh visual cues which should light up the atmosphere when the game comes out this September.

Emotional intelligence is the headline feature, with EA promising that all 22 players will keep track of referee decisions, bad tackles, and missed goal opportunities. The graphics have also been whizzed up a bit, and now the pitch can be all scuffed up when players run over it.

The game level of detail, with ever more detailed player faces, character models and kits. Now the kits move realistically and change with environment, getting dirtier and caked with mud and grass as the match unfolds.  

Tweaked commentary will highlight the fans’ reactions to the changes in the games, with location specific chants and behavior. The bench will react to what’s occurring on the pitch and 10-man goal celebrations will pull you into the action.

Controlling the ball just like the world’s best players, this year’s FIFA chaps have improved balance, closer touches in possession and feature greater responsiveness. So close touch situations feel more dynamic and realistic. 

Your AI teammates and opponents now recognize what’s happening in the match and will adjust their tactics just like real players. “Park the Bus”, “In The Mixer”, and “Time Wasting” are some of the Team Tactics you’ll come up against in FIFA 15. 

The main version of FIFA 15 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, although EA adds that a separate version will also be coming to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, and Vita. EA adds that not all features will make it across to the last-gen versions.

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