EA shows off NBA Live 14 at E3

Adding to the list of jargon terms applied to the tech in EA Sports games, NBA Live 14 includes “BounceTek” physics for dribbling, which apparently improves ball physics, instead of merely expressing them as part of the player character’s hand motions.
More immediately understandable is the way the basketball game handles roster updates. In-game stats will be tweaked in near real time, “an hour after it happens” according to EA’s E3 presentation. From indefinite delays to instant updates! That’s a big promise for NBA Live.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release date
Q4 2013


Unlock the full potential of the dribble with all-new physics-based BounceTEK technology. Whether it’s Ricky Rubio’s wrap around or Kyrie Irving’s devastating hesitation dribble, NBA LIVE 14 puts the control b…


CourtQ is the brain of NBA LIVE 14. More than 70 unique statistics and tendencies power every single player on the court, utilizing the same data used by all 30 NBA teams. Players evolve and so does CourtQ, do…

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With fresh content and challenges on a daily basis, NBA LIVE 14 delivers a new experience each and every time you pick up the controller.