Event Planning: Applications for Your Smartphone

super_planner_appWith the incredible pace of life that we are currently living in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed on your event planning campaigns and be left scrambling to make it a success.

Luckily, in today’s age of technology there are certain tools that can make your job a little easier – one of the best things an events agency and its workers can utilize is the applications on their smartphones. There are many different options all of which can help automate at least some parts of the event planning process, easing the load on the planner and allowing him to focus on more important aspects.

So here are five of the best apps for event planners which can be a big help when planning any event:

Super Planner

If you’re looking for an app that can provide with well calculated estimations like calculating venue capacity, staging, catering and many other aspects of the event planning process, then Super Planner is the perfect solution

Let’s say you need to figure out a venues’ capacity – you just choose one of the fifteen different layouts, which include classroom, theatre, reception, conference and many others, input the size of the room and the app will tell you how many people can you comfortably fit.

You can even calculate things like dance floor capacity, number of drinks needed, or even how many staff members you’ll need. It’s literally a one-stop-shop for everything you need calculated and is an irreplaceable tool for all modern event planners.

Event Espresso

Now for everything related to organizing your registration and ticketing there’s probably not a better choice than Event Espresso – the app easily integrates with WordPress and helps you turn your blog or site into a professional event planning website, where you can set up custom registration forms and emails, decide on seating limits, set multiple price options and even offer discount codes.

This efficiency can help you take your event planning to a whole new level – having a reliable way to manage all of your registration and ticket options is a great way to gain an edge over competition and increase your profits. This works great for both family and corporate event management.

You don’t have to rely on third party services which charge ticketing fees and can reduce the time you have to spend manually processing registrations, creating a more eco-friendly event registration process.


Now of course for any events agency who wants to stay current it’s an absolute must to be up-to-date with all of the social media that is now surrounding everything in our lives, including events.

Hootsuite works great for this purpose – you can manage all of the posting, liking and tweeting through all of the main social networks, and can even create streams of information that will help you stay ahead of everything related to your events.

Use the app to quickly go through and respond to messages on all the social media platforms and get in-depth data reports that help you improve your social media visibility. Another cool feature is message scheduling – you can arrange up to 350 messages to post in advance.


It does not matter anymore whether you do corporate event management or simply work more with family events – all of them require a lot of attention and you need every tool you can get to make the planning process easier.

So utilizing these apps can go a long way to helping you stay ahead of everything that’s important and also gain ground against your competitors who are not yet using technology to their favour.

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