Flappy Bird developer is back with new frustrating game ‘Swing Copters’


Dong Nguyen, the developer of addictive Flappy Bird game today launched his new game ‘Swing Copters’ for iOS and Android. Is it addictive? Absolutely, we’ve tried it already.

In this very exciting game rather than navigating a bird sideways, you are tasked with guiding a cute little helicopter’s upward flight while avoiding pairs of hammers that swing from each gate. Just same as the Flappy Bird, you will get a point for each gate that you pass.

The little copter flies from left-right automatically, and you have to control its direction with a tap. That is lots of tapping to get up the series of gates and hammers. Once the copter gets moving in a particular direction, it becomes harder to regain control of its flight path.

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The iOS and Android smartphone game is available for free, with an optional $0.99 in-app purchase if you want to remove advertising. Dong has written on Twitter that it will soon be available in more countries.

The Vietnamese developer pulled Flappy Bird after its popularity became too much to handle. He claims he had problems sleeping, as he was worried that so many people are spending their time on this.

Download Swing Copters: iOS | Android