Sketchfab : The ‘Youtube’ for 3D Design

Sketchfab is a web service to create, share and embed interactive 3D types in real-time. To explain, the site is portion of a growing network of online 3D software to enable artistes, designers, and lay users to design 3D models that will, subsequently, be crafted into objects utilizing a 3D printer. sketchfab1

As outlined by Alban Denoyel, co-founder from the site, Sketchfab was devised to enable sharing of animations files without animations software. Over the last couple of years (since its launch), a residential district has formed about it. Subsequently, the website has christened by itself the “Youtube for 3D files. ”.

Also you can perform light editing for a few file formats. By way of example, you can colour materials and brightness associated with different regions of your 3D files. Denoyel says the particular team plans for you to expand this capability later on with light and also shadow editing.

First let’s talk about one of the most important component: the 3D viewer. It’s through this viewer that you can view (indeed) but most importantly manipulate the 3D models, and you can do quite a lot of things:

  • you can rotate around and pan the object to see it from every angle
  • you can zoom on it to see little details
  • you can set the viewer to “first person mode” to see the object like if you were part of the scene
  • you can choose the rendering options (shadow, wireframes)

What is really cool from an user experience point of view is that you don’t need to download anything to enjoy this viewer and manipulate content, everything is done through your web browser.

                    Have a look at this cool Daft Punk 3D model:

Daft Punk from KMiklas on Sketchfab.

To finish on the viewer generally it’s pretty fast to display the models but sometimes when the models are really big it can take some time and it can be a little bit slow manipulate (it also uses a lot of my computer memory, in some cases I had to shut down my browser).

The second important component of Sketchfab is the community part. To discover new and good content the website count on several features.

Thee features of Sketchfab we like:

  • Responsive site layout
  • Awesome fullscreen viewer
  • Clean, simple interface
  • High quality, smooth viewing
  • Maya, 3ds Max, SketchUp, Blender export
  • API available on Github
  • WordPress plugin

As on every community website you’ll also find profile pages for the artists, a commenting system and Twitter/Facebook sharing integration.

Sketchfab is also compatible with mobile devices (no native apps but compatible).

“Go share it to your friends and let them experience the awesomeness.”