Welcome the Whyd’s new streaming App That Saves Songs from across the Web


The new music start up  just launched its social music streaming iOS app. This app provides a centralized music streaming service by pulling songs from other platforms around the web. Providing its users to play and share nearly any song almost instantly.


The app functions similarly like the company’s web-based social streaming service which is first launched in 2012. Allowing users to collect and share songs culled from other streaming services, including SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube and Spotify without leaving the app.

“The significance might be lost on some people, who just assume that everything should also come in app form,” the company wrote in a blog spot.


After creating a profile the app search for individual songs or playlists created by other users. You can simply stream songs individually or collect tracks into playlists of your own, which get shared on your profile. In this app tracks load surprisingly quickly. Most search results come from more indie-centric sources like Soundcloud and music blogs, meaning that even more obscure tracks are easy to find.

After making the web version of its service available to the public after an extended closed beta the Paris-based start up raised $700,000 in funding.

Whyd claims it is already working on an Android app, but Windows Phone users “might have to wait a little bit longer.”