Windows 10: Almost Everything you need to know

Microsoft gave the first look at its Windows 10 operating system recently, a major release that will span all hardware from PCs to phones and try to recover the Windows 8 loss.

Windows 10 and not Windows 9

The natural name would have been Windows 9, but Microsoft is eager to suggest a break with the past. “We’re not building an incremental product,” said Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group.

Will run on every device

Microsoft demonstrated only the desktop version, but Windows 10 will be for tablets, smartphones and embedded products, too.

“It will run on the broadest types of devices ever, from the smallest ‘Internet of things’ device to enterprise data centers worldwide,” Myerson said. “Some of these devices have 4-inch screens, and some will have 80-inch screens. And some don’t have any screen at all.”

And yes there is a start menu

They tried to combine the familiarity of Windows 7 with the modern interface of Windows 8. That means the new start menu is divided into 2 parts: On the left, apps are displayed in the familiar Windows 7 style, while on the right windows 8 stylized live tiles. The start menu is customizable, so you can resize the tiles and move them around.


Multiple desktops

Windows 10 has a feature like that lets you zoom out and see everything that’s open on a PC, then select any app to enter it. You can also navigate through several virtual desktop displays at the bottom of the screen.

Command Prompt just got better

Microsoft made an unusual point of specifying that Ctrl-V would work inside the command prompt. Alongwith, click the Experimental tab and there are several other new features you can enable.


Cortana might be Coming to the Desktop

Microsoft has been working on its voice assistant called Cortana that’s allegedly supposed to appear in Windows 10 before its released.

The OS will launch around the middle of next year, after Microsoft’s Build conference.But, you can try Windows Technical Preview right now. But take care while installing it.

Bonus – Lazy Programming might be the reason for windows 10 not 9

Someone (probably developer team member) posted this recently.